Friday, October 23, 2015

Cracking the Code

I: Do you think everyone should learn to code & why?
Code is a set of written instructions used by computers to do something. Your computer can follow commands that you make it do. You may ask why is this important? Well code is what lies behind the digital world. For instance, video games, apps, websites, calculators, and programs for computers all use coding. All around the globe this is used, so it should be taught in every school since its so heavily used throughout what we do daily even though we cant always see it on the surface.

Since,  I am totally new to coding and still learning because it can be complicating and hard to remember. My first experience to coding was in GT on a website and it was a struggle because I've never worked with anything like it before and along the way I did start to get used to it. What we used was a hour of code that anybody can type in and try it for free.

If I could design any program or game my first choice would be a maze thats twisted. What I mean by "twisted" is every time you want to make a move you will have to answer a specific math question. If you get it wrong you will not go as you desire, instead into a trap that will make you go back to the beginning.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Humorous Monologue

For me this project has been a little of a struggle because I'm a reserved person who takes a little more time to become myself. I've loosened up and this definitely is a help to find something that doesn't make only me laugh but people who will understand my kind of humor. Monologues are popular in 7th and 8th grade at my school so its always good to practice and practice. If your looking at a career that includes speaking in front of an audience this will benefit you. even if thats not quite the career you were looking for this does help with social skills and vocabulary.

If you want a smooth, slick start and end for your video clips always add pad at the beginning and end. Pad is when you start your video recorder for at least 3 to 5 seconds and before ending your video wait 3 to 5 seconds then stop it. This helps when editing so you don't end up cutting off any voice or action in a clip. Another thing that is good about pad is everything goes smoothly when your audience is watching.

For most of my projects in G.T. I have a lot of things I need to improve on. Once in a blue moon I wont struggle on a big project like this. This time I was struggling with getting B-Roll done because I did not know what to film in the limited time I had which was my fault. My only strength in this project was witting up my monologue

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Comedy Writing

Sense of humor is a very important trait. Do you know why? Well, in my opinion I know everyone has made somebody laugh and we all have that trait somewhere in us. However, this does not mean everybody will take in or understand what you said the same. When you try to make someone laugh the outcome depends on who you ask, sometimes it will be a soft chuckle other times it might be an obnoxious laugh. We all like having a buddy that can make us have a good laugh, its good for the heart, and makes life better. Humor also brings people together like family, friendships, and other relationships. If you laugh at the same things as someone and make fun of similar stuff then its most likely you have more things in common than you think. So get out there! Let your inner humor shine because theres somebody out there that you might never have thought you could be so close to!

Our class project is to write a humorous narrative hoping when we show our class they will laugh. Some tips that might be helpful to you when you are ever asked to do this or wanting to for fun is what I want to share. First, think about a very funny event that you heard or even happen to you, add some exaggeration, it doesn't all have to be real but make it up a little using your creative mind. Don't only think about if your audiences are gonna like it because if their willing to listen to it then they expect it too be funny, and good. If your in my situation were you sadly got to show your audience no matter what then you should think about what everyone may have in common. Once you find that make a story about it. For example everyone usually hates cleaning there room so I would use that. Give a twist to the story adding very unexpected things to happen. Tie up the overall story with a very humorous ending because thats when you want your audience to laugh the most.
When I had to choose my comedic monologue I thought about a funny little joke my friend told me. This joke was literally about two sentences so I had to add a little more to turn it into a real life story. The first things I start to talk about how Im in dreadful long hours in the car listening to my mother babble her mouth away. We are already going to wedding so Im not really in the mood. Trust me I love them and think its cute and all but bad things come along with bad things. (Then I have to add my favorite and funniest part of the joke for the last laugh.) I hate it when old people come up to me and say "your next" so when I see those same old people at a funeral i say your " next ". At first I thought this might be a little mean but its a joke and some people in my class might take this as offensive or rude but thats their opinion.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Motivational Poster

Our first g.t. project was the Motivational Poster but for this project we have to follow some layer requirements. First we need to have a total of 4 images, 3 being pictures that symbolize you, and the last being a portrait image of your face. Lastly, their is design expectations like all text should be kerned to fit across the entire page having no holes or blank spaces. Then, we need to head over to a triadic color scheme website and we find one dominant color and two harmonious accent colors. You can also use blending options like drop shadow, stroke, outer glow, and bevel & emboss. For adjustment layers we are expected to adjust levels, curves, exposure, and color balance.

One of the biggest struggles I had was trying to expand my images because the quality wasn't how I expected it to turn out. During importing images into the background behind my personal quotes I didn't transfer my pictures right so each time I tried to make them fit it would end up looking skewed even when I did hold on to shift.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Personal Manifesto

Good Morning ! My name is Nahele if you are new to my blog. Im a returning student in the G.T. program. This is my last year in this class and in Kapaa Middle School. Im 13 turning 14 and I love jogging after school to get rid of any stress over school or my day. Then im in a more productive, positive mood. Something I also like doing is going adventuring with my friends to different spots on this beautiful island of Kauai. Traveling would be a favorite of mine, I love everything about it. From getting on the plane, stepping foot on a new country or state, to experiencing different cultures, environments, trying different foods, and meeting new people. I will be looking forward to maybe going to New Zealand this winter break! My all time favorite food are bagels, doesn't matter which kind just if its a bagel and it has cream cheese. On the side of a nice tasting bagel theirs nothing better than some fresh Kombucha which is a fermented fungus that you can turn into a delicious, strong, flavorable drink.  Lastly, I enjoy writing in a personal journal to sort out thoughts, write poems, and look back at special events in my life that I had wrote about.

Some of my personal declarations I like to remember on a daily bases are "live like today is your last", "you only live once, but if you do it right once is enough", " you can only live a positive life by leaving out the negative" this is true because if you wake up with a positive attitude and view on the day your most likely to have a good day not caring all about the negative, etc.

This applies to my readers because in my manifesto my main point is this is our life and we can choose to do what we want with it, making it bad or good, not counting the days down but making the days count.

The first image is incense burning and I chose this because I go with the flow just how the smoke of incense does, Im very curious, and up for adventure. My second is how my mind is very hectic.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Lyrical Livelihood

Hello World, so for this blog post i'm gonna be telling you about my favorite song. So for the past two years I've been into indie music, r&b, and a lot others. The song I never get sick of is Skinny Love by Bon Iver. When I listen to this song it makes me relaxed and the beat just goes with my life. This song isn't just good for when your sad. I also like songs that you can listen too when either your in a happy mood or sad. It incorporates different phases of moods in the song.

So for the last quarter in G.T. we all get in groups with whoever wed like to work with. We all work together to choose a song. For the 4th quarter of our 7th grade me and my group chose "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes.  The reason why we chose this music was because it is a little depressing and everyone in this group including me has went through something depressing. In this song it goes from being a little sad, depressing and then it goes to a more happy chorus which makes you want to sing in the song and dance around. Thats another reason why we all agreed on this song is the chorus just matches us. We all enjoy similiar music so it was not a big challenge to choosing the right music.

For the visual story we are gonna try our best to make all of our shots more creative, and take all the shots that are taken in school in a way it doesn't look like we made them all their. Especially because every year the videos look like their made at school with no thought of anything out of school.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Animation Story

"Logan Challenges Schedule" is my groups focus statement and its about how logan was going to middle school and he was scared about the new schedule and thinking it be hard to get through the day, so when he first got to school he had a hard time trying to find his way and our group thought it be good for the schedule in our animation would be a monster that he could never get rid of. More and More as he got through his classes the monster got smaller and smaller. Its just showing that we can overcome our fears. No matter how hard whatever were trying to overcome is.

We dont know how strong we are until we face our conflict. From what I know, see, hear, and what I went through is that you can keep letting your mind engrave thoughts into your head, or give you negative ideas of what might happen. The only way you can possibly overcome the problem you are facing is by standing up strong and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If you think those negative thoughts are not affecting you and that it will help you in the meantime you are wrong. Its not helping you one bit its slowly making you weaker, which later on in life might give you a hard time.

You will have you ups and downs when working with a team/group. Having ups are wonderful because you may learn new things about that person, maybe even become close friends with someone you never noticed. Then, their will be your downs. Sometimes its frustrating like you want to yell, and scream even strangle someone at times. Thats not necessary though. Having downs gives you a chance to learn from mistakes, even help later on when you are going through the same thing again then you know what will be best for you to say or do. You might learn to have a better patience with others and that will come in handy.

The best memory I had with my team during this project was all of us working together on the White Board animation. We weren't able to put that scene in the video due to some problems but it was definitely fun drawing all as a team. Then their was also some not so perfect memories when wed all get in little arguments over the littlest things. We were not the perfect team because we all tended to get distracted easily and wed get thrown off. So its also good to go with a team that you know you'll stay focused not getting distracted.